Welcome To Cambridge Early Years

Cambridge Early Years is the start of an exciting educational journey that helps learners aged 3 to 6 develop the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to make the best possible start in life.
The programme is designed to meet the needs of young learners in India, and to be used by a wide range of early years centres.
Cambridge Early Years takes a holistic and balanced approach that focuses on physical, cognitive, language and communication and social and emotional development. The programme also offers engaging classroom resources, a range of assessment approaches to help you measure your learners’ progress, and professional development for practitioners.
Cambridge Early Years encourages a play-based, child-centric approach to teaching and learning within the programme. This helps learners to act independently and make their own choices, develop at their own pace, and build feelings of competence, emotional attachment and self-worth. It also gives you flexibility, with the option to tailor the curriculum to a child’s needs, capabilities and interests.

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Professional development for practitioners

Good-quality training and reflective practice are essential parts of a practitioner’s professional life and a core part of the Cambridge Early Years programme.
If you are new to Cambridge Early Years, you can attend our Introductory training. It covers key elements of the programme and enables you to deliver Cambridge Early Years with confidence.
Once you have at least one year of experience with the programme, you can access our Enrichment training. This focuses on developing best practice and allows plenty of time for you to exchange ideas with other practitioners. Our experienced trainers will share ideas, encourage you to reflect on their practice, and help you to develop practical strategies you can use with learners

How will my child benefit from the programme ?

Confident: They will learn to express, clarify and develop their own ideas and to respond constructively to others’ ideas.
Responsible: They will begin to take some responsibility for their own care and for their own thinking, learning and emotions. They will interact positively with others and have positive attitudes to people’s similarities and differences.
Reflective: They will reflect on their own and others’ activities, saying what they liked and did not like, and what went well and not so well. They begin to understand how reflection and feedback can help to develop new ideas.
Innovative: They will ask questions to find out more about the world around them, and try different strategies to overcome challenges and solve problems.

What will my child learn?

The Cambridge Early Years curriculum supports physical, cognitive, communication, social and emotional aspects of development. The content is divided between six learning areas, but they are all connected and can be taught together

Your child will be encouraged to develop their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Teaching and learning throughout the programme will be in English, but your child’s home language will also be recognised and celebrated

Your child will have the chance to express their ideas in a creative way and build on their experiences, both in and outside the programme, through art and design, music, dance and drama

our child will begin to discover mathematical thinking and language through engaging activities that link to their experiences in other curriculum areas and outside of school.

Your child will develop social learning and friendships, learn to regulate their emotional responses, and be able to build self-esteem and confidence.

Your child will develop different types of movement skills through play-based activities, and build the foundations for a healthy and active lifestyle.

Your child’s natural curiosity will be encouraged as they learn to reflect, question, explore and interact with the world around them.


We strive to create an enabling environment providing relevant opportunities and experiences which equip the students with knowledge and skills as well as attitudes and values required to face life with courage and conviction.

We believe Human Excellence is the aim of all Education.


  • To offer quality education at affordable cost
  • To create an enabling environment where students ‘learn to learn’
  • To motivate each student to compete with himself to reach his/her true potential
  • To equip our students with winning skills and train them to be competent as well as original
  • To nurture young minds , strengthen their values, and make them worthy human beings